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These highly collectible original dog paintings are from the Danbury Mint series and have been featured not only on collector plates, but beautiful candles, furniture, lanterns, throw blankets, jewelry, clocks and many more items. 

Golden on Dock 300 dpi.jpg

"Rose Bud"

Yorkie with rose 300.JPG

All original artwork. Acrylic on Watercolor Board.
Unframed $450.00 each. Approximately 14" x 14"

"Proud Prince or Princess"

Lhasa on Plaid chair 300.JPG

"Garden Fascination"

Min Pin Butterfly 300.JPG

Teapot Cutie

Yorkie with jugs 300.JPG

Oh, oh, Here Comes Trouble

French Country Lhasas 300.JPG
Friendship 300dpi.JPG

Kindred Spirits
Acrylic on Watercolor Board
20" x 30"

One of the Lipizzan stallions and a young trainer

Acrylic on Canvas
30" x 30"

One of many in the series I did on the Lipizzans

Copper Horse 300dpi.JPG
Special Friends 300 dpi.JPG

Special Friends
Acrylic on Watercolor board
16" x 16"

Young girls and horses...what a magical time.
When I was her age spending summers in Vermont, I worked at a stable learning from the bottom up in exchange for riding lessons. After work, we rode our horses everywhere - to the milkshake stand beside the highway, explored miles of trails - my friends and I were fearless and had the best time of our lives. And loved our horses like crazy!

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as a dog does. Christopher Morley

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