Patricia Bourque

New Author and Old Artist

An emotional page turner that will have you hooked from the first chapter.

Please note: This book has strong adult content.

1960 - In his wildest dreams, Nick never imagined the tragedy that would shatter his world and shake him to his very foundations. Handsome and charismatic, he grew up in the small New England town of Westfalls, married his high school sweetheart and had three beautiful children; success came easily to him and from the outside, it looked like a charmed life. Until the fateful day his world was torn apart.

Racked with guilt and depression, he vowed never to let himself be vulnerable to love again, that is, until he meets a young girl desperately in need of an anchor in her life. She thinks it’s him.

Eighteen-year-old Kelly likens her life to living on shifting sand. She desperately craves stability and the intimacy and affection lacking in her home life.

When chance intervenes to bring Nick and Kelly together at a Resort in Silverbrook Falls, their attraction is electric and intense, but the relationship is fraught with complications, not the least of which is the turmoil within Nick himself.  He made a vow never to allow himself to be vulnerable again, but can he overcome his own demons and do what’s right for both of them or is the price he will have to pay too high? 


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In Canada

Reader's Comments:

Just finished the book. Have to say I loved it! Loved the characters. Didn't want it to end . Have to tell you that I usually read thrillers (James Patterson). Loved loved this book. Cannot wait for your next one. Sharon Schwarcz

I enjoyed this book very much! It's a fast paced love story with complex characters. A great read to take your mind off these trying times. Gail Gamache

Just finished reading Summer Temptation, couldn’t put it down. The author’s vivid description of the resort, where the story takes place, made me feel I was right there. What a great story of love between a mature man and a young woman. Claudia Donovan

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