My taste in books tends to run to Medieval History Fiction but at the same time I'm liable to pick up any book with an interesting cover and a good first opening page.
Lost Apothecary.jpg

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner

I was a little disappointed when the book (in the second chapter) went from a great start in the 1700's and then switched to present day. I found the present day story boring, but when it went back to 1700, it rekindled my interest again.
I agree with some that said Caroline's relationship with her husband was pretty staid, but made up for it toward the end.
One thing I found odd was the use of Ms. in the 1700's. Anyway, the most I ask of a book is to be entertained and this book did just that especially toward the end. I especially liked the author's turn of phrase. I'll be reading it again.

IF Untold cover.jpg

If Untold by Norelle Smith

This book is a fascinating tale about obsession and control, tragedy and redemption and how secrets kept can destroy people’s lives. Two teenagers, Francesca and Isaac fall in love only to be forced onto divergent paths that lead them into perilous situations. Francesca finds herself running for her life. It’s a page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The School Mistress.jpg

The School Mistress by Tess Thompson

If these people lived in real life, I would love them. Everybody was kind, helpful and well-behaved. Not exactly what I want in a story. I fell for the charming cover. At one point I thought I was reading a documentary about farm animals with the darling well-behaved children it went on so long.

The nanny was nasty so she disappeared quickly - no conflict there. Lord Barnes's friend was murdered, so I thought things would pick up, but no - just more sweetness and love. There was only one really bad guy (and a few benign obnoxious ones on the side), so I knew it had to be him. I skipped through the last half; most of it was repetitious anyway.

I see that the author is very successful, so obviously she has a strong appeal for a great number of readers. It just wasn't my kind of book.